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Palos POWER Girls Softball

8U Division Rules


Palos Power 8U In-House Rules


·       If a team has a maximum of 9 able players on or before official game start time, the opposing team will be limited to fielding 9 players, however, should each team have 10 or more players, the team shall field 10 to maximize player participation. A team may take the field with seven players. A coach may borrow players, but only enough to have 9 available players to play.  Borrowed players may NOT pitch and must play the outfield and bat last in the order.


  • No Bunting, drop third strike, or infield fly rule.


·       Bases will be 50 feet and the pitcher’s mound 30 feet.


  • The mandatory slide rule will be in effect for all bases except first base.  If it is a close play at the base, the player must slide to avoid a collision with one warning given per team prior to next runner being called ‘out’.


  • The play will be considered dead when the ball has returned to pitching ring and is held by a player. Runners that have not reached the halfway point between bases, when a player gets the ball in the circle, will have to return to the previous base. Once the ball is called dead all players must immediately return to base.


  • When the team that is batting scores five runs in their half of the inning, the inning will be over and the opposing team will go to bat.  This rule will not apply in the fifth or last inning as determined by the umpire due to time constraints. Last full inning notification will be given to both coaches so they are aware it is uncapped


·       Mercy Rule: Game will end when any team is up by 10 or more runs after the 4th inning.


  • The game will last for five (5) innings; no new inning may start after 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once inning is started it will play to natural conclusion. A game will be considered completed when a weather shortened game, which includes darkness, has played at least 3 innings (score of the game reverts back to the last completed inning, unless the home team is leading, in which case, the final score shall be recorded when the game is “called”); however if the home team is winning after 2 1/2 innings have been played and the game is “called” due to weather in the middle or the bottom half of the 3rd inning, then the game is complete. A game can end in a tie.


  • Walks will not be allowed.  The batting team’s manager pitches, the batter will either hit the ball or strike out.  A player from the defensive side will field the pitcher’s position.  The manager or coach must get out of the way of the batted ball.  If the manager or the coach is hit by a batted ball the ball is dead and the batter will be awarded first base with each other base runner advancing one base as well. Manager or coach must have at least one foot on pitching rubber when pitching to batter.


  • There is no batting out of order penalty due to injury, communicate with other coach if player will not be batting.


  • The pitching rules for the 8U division will be a follows:

1.)            No pitcher may pitch more than two innings per game.

2.)            Pitchers can pitch a max or 2 innings per game, no limit per week since we may have 3 games.

3.)            One pitched ball is considered an inning.

4.)            There is no re-entry rule for any pitcher.

5.)            After two hit batters in one inning, the pitcher receives a warning, three and the pitcher must leave the mound and may NOT reenter.


  • Defensive players do not need to be rotated between the infield/outfield for safety reasons; however, the opportunity to play multiple positions should be encouraged. It is “Highly Recommended” any player playing 3rd, short stop, 2nd , 1st base, and pitcher should wear a face mask.


  • The running rules for the 8U division will be a follows:

1.)   If the ball is hit into the outfield, a runner may advance at their own will (see dead play above).

2.)   For a play at first base, non-catches or overthrows are permitted to advance one base.

3.)   For a play at 2nd, non-catches may result in a girl advancing on her own will. 

4.)  For a play at 3rd, non-catches or overthrows will allow a girl to advance on her own will (no overthrow rule).