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Palos POWER Girls Softball

Veterans Highway League 12U Rules

Official A.S.A. rules will govern play with the exception of the following rules:

1. To be an official game the losing team must bat in the fourth inning or one hour and thirty minutes from the start of the game. No new inning may begin after one hour and thirty minutes from the start of the game. A “drop dead” time limit of one hour and forty-five minutes will be in play. At the end of the one hour and forty-five minutes of play the score will revert back to the last completed inning. An inning is deemed started at the conclusion of the last out of the prior inning.

2. Ten-minute grace period will be in effect for each team to field the required number of players before a forfeit is called.

3. Home team is the official scorebook. Umpire indicates start time.

4. Any team may add additional players to complete a nine-person roster for regular season games. Players may “play up” or be used from the same level. No player may
“play down”. Added players need to be communicated to the opposing team and play outfield and bat at the bottom of the order.

5. If a game is suspended before the fourth inning, the game shall be resumed at the point it stopped and played to its natural conclusion. No game shall be started over. Time limits remain in effect.

6. All players must play a minimum of two defensive innings in a full six-inning game, with the exception of players being benched for disciplinary reasons, illness or injury.

7. All games are played to the conclusion of six innings or stated time limits.

8. The maximum number of runs a team may score in an inning is six with unlimited runs in the 6th inning.

9. 12u pitchers can pitch no more than four innings per game. The pitcher is credited with an inning pitched when she throws one pitch in that inning. Only the starting pitcher may be re-entered once during the game regardless of time.

10. Pitchers must begin their pitch with both feet touching the pitchers plate. The first step has to be forward toward the catcher. (no crow hopping)

11. Pitchers can “hit” three batters in a game and then must be removed and cannot re-enter.

12. Continuous batting order and free defensive substitution are in effect.

13. Courtesy runners may also be used for pitchers and catchers anytime in an inning. Courtesy runners may also be used for injured players with the approval of the
opposing team. The last batted out will act as the courtesy runner and if there is no last batted out the last player in the line up will act as the courtesy runner.

14. Mercy rule: If a team is up by fifteen runs after the losing team batted in the fourth inning or up by 10 runs after the fifth inning the game will be declared over.

15. Any player arriving after the start of the game must be inserted at the bottom of the order regardless of where the team is at in the order.

16. A team may play with 7 players. The team will not incur automatic outs for the 8th and 9th player in the batting order.

17. Each team will play with only 9 players in the field at one time.

18. If a player is injured during her at-bat and must leave the game, the player who made the last batted out will assume her count and finish the at-bat.

19. If a player is injured or ill and leaves the game the opposing team must be notified and the team will skip the player in the batting order with no penalty. The player can return at any time.

20. A batter can be called out for throwing a bat. This is at the umpire’s discretion.

21. Pitching distance is 40 feet.

22. Artificial noisemakers are not permitted at any games. Coaches, players, and parents are required to use appropriate language in appropriate tones at all times.

23. Infield fly rule applies.

24. Dropped third strike applies.

25. Hurry up rules in effect. No balls in the field after the first inning. After the first inning pitchers get 4 warm up pitches with one throw down to second base.

26. No synthetic balls to be used, only leather softballs.

27. Walks: If a player walks and commits to go to second base and hesitates the runner will be called out. If the runner commits to make the turn towards second, the
runner must continue to second base, unless a play attempt is made on the runner by the pitcher and/ or catcher. An attempt is considered raising the arm by the pitcher and/or catcher.

28. Look back rule: Any runner, who is stopped off base, must immediately advance to the next base or return to the base left. Any runner, who is in motion, may stop once but immediately advance or return. The responsibility is completely on the runner. Failure to immediately proceed will result in the runner be declared out. Look back rule is not in effect: 1. A play is made on the runner. 2. Pitcher leaves circle or drops the ball. 3. Pitcher releases the ball to the batter.
Any act by the pitcher in possession of the ball in the circle, in the umpire’s judgement, causes the runner to react; is considered making a play.

29. Visit to mound: Visit to the mound by manager (on second visit) that pitcher will be pulled on the second visit that same inning. Starting pitcher can return.

Keep rules with you at all games.

Playoff rules
1. We will use a 12 double elimination format. The top four teams receiving winners of play in games.

2. If teams do not complete their schedule game both teams a will receive a loss for the non-played games.

3. Seeding will be based in the following order: 1) on overall winning percentage, 2) head-to-head, 3) runs allowed, 4) runs scored, 5) a coin flip. All teams will be seeded 1
to 12 regardless of which “division” the team resides.

4. Championship and Consolation games will be played to the full six-inning conclusion unless the “ Mercy Rule” is applied.

5. Teams (players) are locked in for playoffs. No substitutions or additional players can be added to the teams.

1. All-star game will be 7 innings.

2. All rules apply

3. 3 players per team selected. Teams will be selected at random. Pitchers and catchers will be distributed evenly.

Any issues, clarifications, disputes that arise at a game must reported immediately to the 4 person Veterans Highway League Committee representatives. Representatives who’s team are not involved in the games directly will have final say in the decision.

Patrick Regan (Palos) 312.315.1433 [email protected]

Don Lind (Homer) 815.474-6746 [email protected]

Tony Scarpa (Lockport) 708.969-1134 [email protected]

Jose Orozco (Lemont) 630.918.8051 [email protected]